Summercamp 2013

August 8, 2013 (written by Melanie)

After having workshops in the morning and a funny room inspection in the afternoon, we went to see the mayor of Scheidegg, Ulrich Pfanner, who told us some interesting facts about the town. Then we visited the “Heimatmuseum” of Scheidegg, where we had a short guided tour by very lovely town members. Afterwards we went to Scheideggs “skywalk” – a path from the ground to the height of 40 meters in the forest above a hill. The view would have been breathtaking, if there wasn’t so much fog.

August 9, 2013 (written by Donato)

Zeppelin Museum

We concluded our stay in Scheidegg visiting the Zeppelin museum, and it was one of the most interesting places we saw during the first week.The museum, which concerns the tragedy of Zepplin in Friedrichshafen, is actually huge and very modern and one of the most particular aspect of the exposition is that it does not contain many precious pieces but is actually so well structured that the visit was really pleasing and even amusing in some moments. For example, there were many reconstructions of the zeppelin that showed how it was like and how it worked. After that we want to Unteruhldingen in order to see another museum dedicated to palafitte (Pfahlbautenmuseum). It was divided into 2 parts. The first one was an internal and consisted in several projections on screens in order to introduce palafitte in stone age, in which consisted the second external part. We were really glad about visiting this open museum since it was not only interesting but only original.

August 11, 2013 (written by Kristina) Bike tour through Munich

We gathered at the very end of the famous Marienplatz with our tour guide Elliot. Everyone picked out their own bike, purple, blue, black, vintage looking and even hot pink for some of the girls. Our first stop was the national theatre of Bavaria which was gradually opened for the general public and is now a grandesque monument of the refine art. We peddled around the palace to the all white church. Her pale yellow fassade from the outside hide all the beauty of simplicity inside. The interior is all in white, the statues along with the ceiling were bathing in piercing light. We felt the summer breeze through our hair while we were driving towards the English Garden. There were a lot of people walking, swimming and even surfing. We made a quick stop at the Chinese Tower where we refreshed with a mixture of beer and lemonade (“Radler”). A bit light-headed but cheerful we drove back to the starting point. Conclusion: lovely day, a lot of sun, exercise and fun!

August 12, 2013 (written by Adelina)

On Aug 12 the Euro Alpine Youth Alliance visited the “Bavaria Filmstudios” from 10 – 12:30 h during their stay in Munich. The belonging guidance we enjoyed there took approximately three hours. Our guide Sandrina explained to us some movie tricks and film background information on certain movies like Charlie Chaplin, Die wilden Kerle, König Ludwig II, Das Boot, Asterix & Obelix, Sturm der Liebe und “Wickie”-movies. The most interesting (Filmtechnik) was the Blue Green Screen, e. g. for the weather forecast, to add things or backgrounds or to hide unpleasant things in certain movie scenes. It was adventurous because the guide involved us in her demonstration. Therefore we really enjoyed this sunny and improve the day at the Bavaria Filmstadt we want to thank everyone who realized this day.

August 13, 2013 (written by Marta)

In the morning we visited the Maximilaneum, the home of the Bavarian Parliament. We met one of the delegates in charge of migration who gave some insights in his daily work. We had an interesting discussion with him about actual migration topics.

In the afternoon we went to Lake Starnberg. There we had the great possibility to sail and row with some guys of Lions Club Starnberg. They also prepared a wonderful grill dinner for us. While we were eating a three-men-band performed Jazz music. We really enjoyed this beautiful afternoon and want to contemplate all the organizers who made this day possible.

August 14, 2013 Staatskanzlei (written by Kristina)

We were honored to have been given the opportunity to visit the government of Bavaria and also the deputy of the minister for European affairs. We had a small tour through the building which is very interesting from an architectural point of view as it is covered in glass. That created a problem with the heat in summer, so they have placed pipes with cold water to cool the air between the wall and the walking areas and it has worked. Afterwards we had a very lively debate about the position and the future way of the EU. We have learned an important lesson that you have to balance every idea and decision that follows. The deputy pointed out that we should do more on presenting and giving information about EU, EU laws to the general public. People should take part in the European election in May 2014 and make sure that their voice gets heard.

August 14, 2013 Rafting(written by Donato)

One of our most extreme experiences during our stay in Munich was the one we had on Aug 14. We went to Einöd near Wolfratshausen in order to raft. For many of us it was the first time to do rafting, so it was really difficult , especially the weather conditions were really awful since the water was freezing and the temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. We divided into four groups, each one containing six people in a rubber dinky. We rafted about an hour and a half and in the end we were really frozen and exhausted. It was also quite windy but fortunately the waves on our river were not dangerous. Anyway the experience, although it was really extreme, was amazing and really made us a much closer group. In the end, the members of the Lions Club München-Geiselgasteig that hosted us organized a fantastic dinner to warm us up and everybody of us really enjoyed it.